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Name Designation Email
Mr. Dinesh Bhatia  Consul General
Mr. Hari Dayal Singh  PA to CG
Social Secretary  Office of Consul General
Mr. N.P. Singh

 Consul (Consular, Passport & Visa)  
 Mr. Saifullah Khan  Consul (Commerce) & HOC
 Mr. Hoti Lal  Consul (OCI)
 Mr. Davinder Pal Singh  Consul (Press, Information &Community Welfare)
 Mr. Mahesh Chawla

 Vice Consul (Administration) & Culture
 Mr. Mahesh Kumar Lakra  Vice Consul (PCC, Surrender Certificate)  
 Mr. Ajay Sharma    Vice Consul (Consular & Passport)
 Mr. Narender Singh Siwach  Vice Consul(Economic & Commerce) 
 Mr. Rabindra Singh Rawat  Vice Consul (Visa)