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When a passport is lost or damaged, a new passport is issued. In such cases your application is required to be verified at the Consulate before submission at BLS Interntional Centre.

Requirements :

  • Duly filled in online passport registration form (http://passport.gov.in/nri/).
  • Take a print out of online application form (PDF file) and fill-in all the remaining columns. Please ensure that specimen signatures are affixed in blue / black ink at four spaces provided on the form.
  • Affix a good quality photograph of size (2inch x 2inch) on the first page and provide three additional photographs along with the form.
  • Original copy of police report regarding lost or stolen passport. It is also mentioned that Police Report should contain the lost passport number.
  • A copy of lost / damaged passport.
  • Self declaration in theprescribed format (Annexure F).
  • Three copies of duly filled in Personal Particulars Form.
  • Proof of legal status in Canada. It is necessary to furnish proof of a valid visa or Resident Permit.

Processing Fee :

  • C$ 255 (for a 36-page booklet) + C$ 3 (Consular surcharge) + BLS C$ 7.40 including tax.

Please Note :

  • Personal Particular Form (in triplicate) for Police Verification (see under forms) may be required to be filled in some cases where identity is not conclusively established.
  • In case your PR card is issued after 01.01.2015 or not producing any category, a copy of landing paper is also required.