Re-Issue of Passport to children
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New passport for minor below 15 years of age 

Requirements :

  • Duly filled in application form

  • Two recent photographs (size 2inch X 2inch) with plain white background and the dress preferably in colours offering contrast with background for clarity.

  • Original passport of the applicant.

  • A copy of proof of legal status in Canada (PR card/ study permit/ work permit/ visitor record).

  • A copy of Landing paper.

  • A copy of proof of address (copy of driving license or any other government issued address  proof).

    • Consent of both the parents is required. Therefore, both parents should sign the application (as consent for issuance of a passport for the child), (Annexure ‘D) and provide copies of their identification proof (self-attested/signed), e.g. passport and PR Card/Canadian visa should be attached. However, the cases of single parent’s would not be covered under this category, as they have to furnish 'No objection certificate' of the minor (Annexure ‘C’).

    • Passport will be issued with maximum 5 years validity to a minor child below 15 years of age. 

    Processing Fee :

    Issue of New Passport / Reissue of passport  to Minor below the age of 15 years having validity of 5 years :

    C$ 67 (for a 36-page booklet)+ C$ 3 (Consular surcharge) + C$ 7.40 as BLS charges with tax.  

    Processing Time :

    2-3 weeks.

    Please Note :

    • Applicant has to come in person.

    • The applicant must provide Passport, PR card/ Landing paper or any other related document in original for verification.

    • Children between the ages of 15 and 18 have the option for minor passport valid until he/she attain 18 years of age or full validity passport.

    • All copies of documents should be self attested (sign & date).

    • Additional documents may be needed for verification depending upon the documents submitted.