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Consular Camp in Kitchener, Ontario on October 09, 2021

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The Consulate General of India




Consular Camp at Kitchener, Ontario

Consulate General of India, Toronto will be organizing a Consular Camp in Kitchener, Ontario on Saturday, October 9, 2021 to address and resolve queries related to Consular matters viz. Passport, OCI, and Attestation etc. as per the details below:

Venue for Consular Camp



Contact person at the given location

Gurudwara Sahib, 2070 Snyder’s Road E,

Petersburg, Kitchener, Ontario- N0B 2H0

Saturday, October 09, 2021

10:00 AM to 01:00 PM

Mr. Kuldeep Singh Bachher

Phone: 519-500-6265

2. The Consular Camp is meant to resolve any long-pending issues and is not repeat NOT meant to provide the consular services at the venue.  However, the applications for PASSPORT, OCI and ATTESTATION services if found complete in all respect will be accepted.

3. Applicants are requested to go through the following links to understand the documentary requirements and applicable fee:

PASSPORT           :   https://www.cgitoronto.gov.in/page/general-info-passport/

PASSPORT FAQs :  https://www.cgitoronto.gov.in/page/passport-faqs/

OCI                      :   https://www.cgitoronto.gov.in/page/oci-application/

ATTESTATION   :   https://www.cgitoronto.gov.in/page/power-of-attorney/




4. Applications will be perused only if all documents and forms are submitted. Applicants are required to submit photocopy of all the documents and forms. Soft copy of any document will not be accepted. Fee will be payable only through Demand Draft in favour of “Consulate General of India, Toronto”. Applicants will be required to provide a self addressed pre paid envelope while submitting any application; without which forms will not be accepted.

5. Please register with details on https://forms.gle/v6zj6Ghftd6migHG6to avail services during the Consular Camp. The Covid-19 guidelines must be strictly adhered to at the camp.


September 14, 2021