About Us Police Clearance Certificate FAQ's

  1. How to apply for PCC for India?

 It is available at : https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/., Please follow these steps

  • Register by clicking on "Register"Link
  • Login with the registered login ID and Password on "User Login"link
  • In the Applicant Home Page, click on "Apply for Ordinary Passport/Emergency Certificate/Police Clearance Certificate/Surrender of Indian Passport/Diplomatic Passport/Official Passport/Identity Certificate"link to file a new application
  • After successful submission, take a printout of the online submitted form
  • Visit the respective Application Processing Centre/Embassy/Consulate along with required supporting documents
  1. What documents are required to be submitted for PCC?
  • Submit the application form alongwith photograph (2”x2” with white background)
  • A copy of first and last page of Indian passport of the applicant (original not required).
  • A copy of valid PR Card/Work Permit/Student Permit/ Visitor Record etc
  • [If you’ve received an ITA (for PR application, super visa) or have applied for renewal of these documents in case of expiry, please submit supporting documents at BLS, no need to seek approval from the Consulate]. Please note that if your work/study permit is expired and you have applied for its renewal, you are required to submit proof of application for extension of work/study permit alongwith payment proof.
  • Proof of current Canadian residence address: (copy of any one of the following) Canadian Driving License /  SIN Letter bearing residential address /Utility bills -  Gas, Electricity, Water or Landline Telephone Bill displaying applicant’s address /House Lease Agreement. (Note:  Bank/credit card/mobile phone statements are not accepted as residence proof).
  • Fee for PCC Service

Fee: C$ 41.40 (Fee C$31 + C$3 Consular surcharge + C$ 7.40 as BLS service charges) to be paid by Debit card or Bank Draft / Money Order to be drawn in favour of BLS International Services Canada Inc.


 3. What is the processing Time?

PCC can be issued only after receipt of a ‘Clear’ report from Police authorities in India which is to be made available in the system by the concerned Passport office. This process may take 8 weeks. PCC can be issued earlier provided a ‘Clear’ report is received. Please note that there is no guarantee that PCC will be issued within the indicated time frame, as it is purely related to receipt of a ‘Clear’ report from authorities. After Police Verification, the report is sent by Police authorities for uploading purpose to the Regional Passport Office (RPO) concerned [applicant get to know at this stage that his police verification has been done], however, its transmission to RPO and its uploading by RPO in the system takes about 2 weeks.  In view of this, applicants are requested to assess their requirements for obtaining PCC for India well in advance and submit their applications accordingly at the BLS.


4. Given that issuance of PCC takes 6-8 weeks, when should I apply for PCC?

It is better if applicant applied before three months if there is any expectation of its requirement for PR or renewal of work permit/study permit, etc.


5. What is the validity of PCC?

6 months


6. How PCC is dispatched to the applicant?

Those PCCs for which courier charges are paid by the applicant are dispatched by BLS. In other cases, the PCC is kept at BLS office for collection by the applicant.


7. How can I track the status of my application?

Please track the status of PCC Application on the following links:



Please note that since the tracking application mechanism is available, applicants are requested to exercise restraint for making status enquiries.


8. What is the file number to be mentioned on PCC application form?

It is mentioned on the back page of your passport in the last column


  1. Is PCC a passport service?

Police Clearance certificate is not a Passport service. Issue of PCC is a distinct miscellaneous service rendered on behalf of Police authorities in India and does not form an integral part of the Passport service.


  1. Can the PCC be issued in Emergency at the Consulate?

There is no emergency PCC issued by Consulate.  Walk-ins are not allowed and walk-in applications submitted at BLS.


  1. Where can I submit the PCC application form?

All types of PCC applications are to be submitted at the BLS, whether by Indian nationals, Canadians or other foreigners of Indian origin or other foreigners who have stayed in India in the Past for education, training, family reason, etc. and need Police clearance for the period of their stay.  

Please note that Postal applications take longer to process at BLS.  Therefore, for faster processing, it is better to submit PCC application at BLS as walk-ins are allowed.

BLS Walk-in Centres

Toronto: 1448 Lawrence Avenue E, Unit 6 A, ON M4A 2V6 / Phone: +1-416 307 2237

Brampton: 20 Gillingham Dr, Unit 701, Brampton, ON L6X 5A5 / Phone: +1-416 307 2237

Winnipeg: 1770 King Edward St, Winnipeg, MB R2R 0M5 / Phone: +1-204 285 3985

BLS Postal Application centre

Brampton: Unit 202, 10 Gillingham Drive, Brampton, ON L6X 5A5, Canada;

BLS Email/websiteqc.ca@blsinternational.net  / Website – https://www.blsindia-canada.com/Link https://www.blsindia-canada.com


  1. I am on a Tourist/Visitor Visa. Can I apply for PCC ?

Yes if the applicant’s continuous stay in Canada is more than six months.


  1. Can I apply for PCC if my passport is expired?

No, as PCC is issued only on valid passport, at least 6 months validity is required


  1. My status/permit is expired but I have applied for permit on spousal grounds. What documents do I need to submit as proof of my status along with passport renewal application?

Following need to be submitted by the applicant :

  1. Communication from CIC that you have qualified for/application has been accepted for residency/permit under spousal grounds (names of your spouse and yourself should be mentioned)
  2. a) if spouse is Indian National: Copy of spouse's passport and Copy of spouse's permit (PR with landing paper/visa); OR, (b) if the spouse is Canadian National: Copy of Canadian passport and old Indian passport.
  1. My passport has been seized by Canadian Immigration/CBSA. I only have a copy but the passport is valid. Am I eligible for the PCC to be issued by the Consulate?

Yes. For Indian National & Foreign nationals if they have true copy of passport and letter from Canadian Immigration.


  1. Do I need to provide a proof of address in case there is a mismatch in the address in the passport and the PCC application? What proof of address should I provide?

Yes.  Applicant should provide parents/close relatives address which has been mentioned in the application for police verification purposes.


  1. My passport is valid, however, my marital status has changed after the issue of last passport. Am I required to renew passport before applying for PCC?

No, submit marriage certificate alongwith PCC application.


  1. What is the process if adverse police report has been given by Police authorities?

Sometimes Adverse Report is received on the basis of incorrect address, gender, parents name and wife’s name.  Applicants are therefore advised that please check the following personal particulars before filling the application :

  • Correct address and someone is residing on that place.
  • Correct gender
  • Correct Parents’ name as per passport
  • Correct Wife name as per passport


  1. Am I required to select a police station in India while filling up the online application?



 20. How do I select correct police station while filling up PCC application?

You can enquire from your native place or you can search through net.


  1. Do photocopies of original documents need to be attested?

Yes.   Walk-in appointments - All original documents must be accompanied by self-attested photocopies for which are returned to the applicant after scrutiny. Postal service  - Only self-attested copies and no original documents should be sent.


  1. Can I send my PCC application through a travel agent?

No. Consulate has not authorized any agent. Application is to be submitted at the BLS Passport Service Counter which is only authorized outsource company.


  1. I cannot come to collect my PCC personally. What should I do?

Close family member bearing an authorization letter and original identity paper/document to establish his/her identity can collect the PCC on behalf of the applicant through BLS.  Alternatively, PCC can be sent back to the applicant By Post after rendering necessary services through BLS.


  1. How do the foreign nationals including Canadians of Indian origin, who have stayed in India for education, training, family, reason, etc. obtain PCC

Foreigners who have stayed in India in the Past for education, training, family reason, etc and need Police clearance for the period of their stay in India, such applicants are required to obtain PCC through BLS.  They have to submit relevant documents, degree, marksheet, school leaving certificate, job letter, institution admission record, passport copy, entry/exit copy etc and residence proof.)  If they don’t have any document they obtain prior approval from Consulate by emailing at pcc.toronto@mea.gov.in  alongwith all the required documents. After approval, PCC application may be submitted at the BLS with required documents and fee.


  1. Is prior approval required for PCC to foreigners who are not of Indian origin? Where should such applicants submit PCC requests?

Yes. If all required documents are not available with the applicant, he/she should take prior approval of Consulate by sending an email on pcc.toronto@mea.gov.in  before submitting application at the BLS.

Requirements for PCC application for foreigners:

  • Fill in the application form click here
  • Affix recent passport size photograph
  • Copy of current Passport
  • Copy of degree, marksheet, school leaving certificate, letter from employer, letter from educational institution
  • Copy of Passport alongwith pages bearing entry/exit stamps
  • Copy of last held Indian passport, OCI Card
  • Proof of address (as mentioned above)
  • Fee of C$ 41.40 to be paid by Debit card or Bank Draft / Money Order drawn in favour of BLS International Services Canada Inc.