About Us Surrender Certificate FAQ's

What is Surrender Certificate

 Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), who have acquired foreign citizenship are required to surrender their Indian passports to the nearest Indian Mission/Post immediately after acquisition of foreign citizenship.

How do I submit the application

After filling and submitting the form online (https://passport.gov.in/nri/), applicant needs to submit the hard copy of form with photo, supporting documents and fee at BLS


 What are the documents required

 Please note that acceptance of applications for this service has been outsourced to BLS International Services Canada Inc. Applications should be submitted to their centers located at Toronto and Brampton. The applicant would need to submit the following :

  • Duly filled-in application form
  • Original Indian passport with one copy.
  • Copy of the Canadian Citizenship certificate.
  • Copy of Canadian passport, if held.
  • Copy of Record of Landing
  • Applicable Fees.


  • Indian citizens who acquired foreign citizenship on or before 31 May, 2010 – C$ 31.00
  • Indian citizens acquiring any foreign citizenship on or after 1 June, 2010 – C$ 119.00

In addition to the prescribed fee mentioned above, an applicant would be required to pay C$3 on account of Consular Surcharge + BLS service fee of C$ 7.40 (inclusive of applicable taxes.)

In case the application is sent by mail, the same should be forwarded to the Toronto Center of BLS International and must include the prescribed fee plus BLS charges and courier fees, for return of documents. For more details, please visit their website www.blsindia-canada.com. The relevant application forms could also be downloaded from BLS website: www.blsindia-canada.com.


Can I submit application at the Consulate in person?

No. Applications are accepted only through BLS.


Can I collect passport directly from Consulate?

No. Passports are dispatched to the applicant’s address as given in application form through BLS post/courier/walk in only.


I am a resident of a place outside Toronto. Can I submit my surrender certificate application at CGI, Toronto?

CGI, Toronto accepts applications only of people living in its Consular Jurisdiction (Consulate General of India, Toronto, Canada : Consular jurisdiction (cgitoronto.gov.in))


What is the processing time for issuance of passports?

6 to 8 weeks


What are the specification of the photograph

2” X 2” with white background


Do photocopies of original documents need to be attested?

Yes. All original documents must be accompanied by self-attested photocopies. These documents should be presented for scrutiny at the time of submission of application if you are going to BLS walk-in.


I acquired Indian Canadian citizenship in 2005 and had submitted Indian passports to Consulate which were stamped cancelled and returned to me.  Am I required to get a surrender certificate?

Indian passports of those acquiring foreign citizenship prior to 31 May, 2010 used to be cancelled and no Surrender Certificate was issued.  In case they wish to apply for OCI card then they need to show the proof of cancelled passport at the time of submission of OCI application.


I am in the process of acquiring Canadian citizenship and in the meanwhile my Indian passport is expiring.  I don’t intend to travel to India in the near future.  Can I surrender the expired Indian passport after getting Canadian citizenship or do I have to submit a valid Indian passport for Deemed Surrender?

Yes you can surrender Indian passport (valid or expired) after getting Canadian citizenship.


I am a Canadian citizen.  I did surrender my Indian passport in 2014 and did not received my surrender certificate.  Now my husband is applying for OCI and my surrender certificate is needed.   

 For OCI application only applicant need to submit surrender certificate.


Can I send my Surrender Certificate application through a travel agent?

No. Consulate has not authorized any agent. Application is to be submitted at the BLS Passport Service Counter by the applicant personally or through a close family member bearing an authorization letter from the applicant. Travel Agents/Agents/Solicitors are not permitted to submit applications on behalf of applicants. Please report to the Consulate if anyone claims to provide such services.


 Where can I find more information about passport issuance and application procedure?

Please our website (Consulate General of India, Toronto, Canada : General Information (cgitoronto.gov.in)) or,

BLS website blsindia-canada.com,

BLS helpline: +1-416 307 2237