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Advisory for Indian Students in Canada

Posted on: August 04, 2020 | Back | Print


  1. We are disturbed to see a recent spurt in cases of death due to drowning of Indian students in Canada.
  2. All Indian students studying in Canada are advised to obey local laws and avoid swimming or diving in lakes or rivers without life vests and other statutory precautions. Those who do not know swimming should avoid trying their hand at learning it without proper supervision.
  1. It has been noticed that at times, groups of students go for boat ride and other wter sports under inebriated conditions which may result in accidents and fatalities.
  1. Parents back in India work very hard to send their wards to Canada for higher studies. It is the responsibility of every student to avoid any dangerous activities which can cause loss of life and bring untold misery and suffering to their families.


4-August 2020

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