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Emergency Certificate (EC)

Emergency Certificate (EC) is issued primarily to facilitate the return of an Indian National to India in case of an emergency situation such as follows:

  • It is not possible to issue a new passport due to a pending police verification from India.
  • Indian nationals who have been denied a passport.
  • Indian nationals who no longer have valid permit to stay in Canada.
  • If a passport of individual has been impounded/revoked, or whose passports have remained expired for a long time.
  • If an individual is under orders of deportation. (Note: If an individual is under orders of deportation, the application should be submitted through the Canadian authorities. The EC will be delivered to the agency concerned and not to any agent or third party.)
  • If a passport cannot be issued to the applicant due to any other reason.

EC is issued primarily to facilitate the individual’s return to India in an emergency and can be issued only when the individual’s Indian nationality is confirmed.

How to Apply:

Step 1:

Arrange the following documents:

  1. Photocopy of the first page and last page of the current/last passport.
  2. 2 Photographs.
  3. Proof of current Canadian residence address: (allowed address proofs: Canadian Driving license, landline telephone bill, Lease Agreement, Tax statement, Home Internet bill, Government Photo ID, Hydro bill
  4. Indian address proof
  5. A letter on a plain paper addressed to the Consulate General of India, Toronto explaining the circumstances and reason for seeking an EC.
  6. Copy of all resident permits or PR cards ever held in Canada, existing and expired. 
  7. In case passport has been lost, the Original Police Report mentioning the serial number of the lost passport and name of the applicant.
  8. In case the passport has been seized by CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency), applicant needs to submit the CBSA certified copies of passport and the detention/Incident report.

Step 2:

Once the applicant has secured the documents, online application form needs to be filled here (make sure that the details are filled based on their passport). Print the form and bring them to the Consulate with all the above listed documents between 09.30 A.M. to 12 O’clock on any working day.

Emergency Certificate applications are not accepted over post/mail.

*Fees: To be paid through Money Order or Bank Draft drawn in favour of the Consulate General of India, Toronto. Please click here to check the applicable fee...

Note: All EC applications to be submitted at the consulate and not at the BLS centres.



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