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5-7 August 2021
Prawaas: The Bus & Car show focusing on Public Transport
Please visit www.prawaas.com
20-21 March 2021
Fourth Edition of ‘IndusFood’ by TPCI
Please visit www.indusfood.co.in
9-31 March 2021
INDIASOFT by Electronics & Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC)
Please visit: www.indiasoft.org
3-4 March 2021
India Telecom 2021 by TEPC
Please visit: https://www.telecomepc.in/Home/viewEvent?psm_id=UmU0V29qZG5KWkxTMXh0Ulpya09YQT09 
25-27 February 2021
Virtual Expo on Food and Agri products, Agri Technology, Engineering, Automation and allied products by FIEO
Canadian Buyers may please refer for registration: https://nafta.virtualexpos.in/visitor/registration 
16-19 February 2021
India Subcontracting Expo by Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC India)
Please refer: http://subcontractingshow.eepc.expoplatform.com/