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Transportation of human remains to India

If the next of kin/ relative(s)/ family member of the deceased wish to transport the dead body to India for funeral purposes, the consulate issues a "No Objection Certificate" in this regard.

Requirements :

  • Fill in the Registration of Death Form (for Indian nationals only).
  • Death Certificate in original and a copy thereof issued by local authorities.
  • Burial/ Cremation Permit.
  • Letter from Public Health Office indicating "No Communicable disease".
  • Embalming Certificate, Coroners Out of Province Certificate, Name, address, telephone number, etc of the consignee.
  • Flight details.

NOTE: Please note that in case of death of an Indian National, registration of death is mandatorily done by the Consulate. Form 16 is required mandatorily for Ontario residents.


Processing Fee : Refer https://www.cgitoronto.gov.in/page/consular-fees/ (payable to Consulate General of India, Toronto by Bank draft/Money Order/Certified Cheque)

Processing Time :

Same day.

Please Note :

  • Services of the consulate for completing death related formalities are available even after office hours everyday including holidays.
  • Emergency contact number is : 647-668-4108.


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