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  1. The Canadian market is highly developed, competitive and sophisticated. It requires stringent packaging and labeling standards, especially in case of medicines, food and health goods. The local importers attach great importance to product quality, packaging, strict delivery schedules etc. Further, as there are over half-a-million persons of Indian origin living in Canada, the Canadian importers generally find it convenient to arrange linkages with Indian exporters through entrepreneurs from among the local Indian community. A good number of them are running successful business and industrial houses. Without the above background information, they might show little interest in interacting with new Indian parties.
  1. You may visit http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/sc_mrkti/cid/engdoc/index.html for a list of sector wise companies/organisations operating in Canada that will be relevant to your business.
  1. Moreover, you may also visit Indian Trade Portal https://www.indiantradeportal.in/index.jsp?lang=0 and browse https://www.indiantradeportal.in/vs.jsp?lang=0&id=0,25,3091,3104 for trade related queries.
  1. Please exercise utmost caution in entering into an informal agreement with Canadian importers. It would be in the interest of exporters from India to dispatch goods against a confirmed “Letter of Credit” or entering into legally binding Agreements.
  1. Trade Facilitation Office (TFO) Canada is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to create sustainable trade partnerships for exporters from developing countries with Canadian and foreign buyers. TFO Canada assists Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and Trade Support Institutions (TSIs) from developing countries to access international markets through information, advice and contact services. You may also browse https://www.tfocanada.ca/docs.php?page=1 to begin with planning to export to Canada.

Trade Facilitation Office Canada

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Tel:  001-613-233-3925

Fax: 001-613-233-7860

E-mail: info@tfoc.ca  

Website: https://www.tfocanada.ca/


  1. Please note that Importer Exporter Code (IEC) is mandatory for export/import from/to India as detailed in paragraph 2.05 of Government of India's Trade Policy. For issuance of Importer Exporter Code in electronic form (e-IEC), an application can be made online on Director General of Foreign Trade's website https://dgft.gov.in/

For further clarifications, you may get in touch with commerce section at comsec.toronto@mea.gov.in .



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