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Journalist Visa

All Journalists, including photographers/film producer or director (other than of commercial films), a representative of a Radio or Television organisation, travel writer or travel promotion photographer etc. are required to apply for Journalist Visa only, even if the visit to India is for reasons other than journalism.

Journalists are granted single entry visa valid for a maximum stay of three (3) months.

*Applicants of Pakistani origin are requested to see this link before applying for an Indian visa.

Requirements :

  • Duly completed, printed and signed on-line visa application form (https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/).
  • Two recent passport size (51 mm x 51mm) photographs(link)
  • Current valid passport with minimum of 190 days validity and must have minimum 2 blank pages.
  • A letter from the employer stating the purpose of travel and detailed programme and the places to be visited for Journalism purposes.
  • Fee (For Canadian nationals link) (For non-Canadian nationals link)


Prior authorization of the Indian Government is mandatory for any audiovisual reporting/ shooting of documentary films in India, regardless of their subject, category or duration. These include documentary films, reportages, institutional or educational films, radio documentary, still shoots, corporate videos, television commercials and publicity, or any other audiovisual report meant for public diffusion or telecast.

Foreign Audio Visual Agencies intending to shoot documentary films/AV commercials should send the completed application form and signed undertaking (placed below) to the officer responsible for Press and Information work in the Consulate General of India, Toronto for processing. Once the proposal is approved, the Indian missions abroad will issue Journalist ('J') visa for travel to India for filming. Documentary filming is not permissible on other types of visas (e.g. tourist/business visas). Import of filming equipment is facilitated only upon issue of the clearance.

  1. All pages of the filming application form have to be printed on the letter-head paper of the company. The Undertaking has to be duly signed, dated and stamped. Two copies of the duly filled application form and Undertaking have to be submitted to the CGI Toronto, for processing, and should contain the following information in the order indicated:

  • Application Form (click here)
  • Undertaking (click here)
  • Detailed Synopsis
  • Itinerary (Ports of entry and exit from India to be indicated)
  • Bio-profile of the journalist/ film-director
  • Brief presentation of the production agency
  • List of crew-members giving the following details:
    1. Name and surname as featuring in the passport
    2. Contact coordinates - telephone & e-mail
    3. Profession
    4. Nationality
    5. Date and place of birth (Day/ Month/ Year)
    6. Passport number & validity


  1. The processing time is approximately up to 15 weeks if the filming proposal involves (a) sensitive issues or if the itinerary includes restricted/protected/prohibited or vulnerable zones, reserve forests (b) underwater or aerial filming, as these cases all require prior and mandatory clearance from different nodal Ministries and authorities in India.

  2. Please note that the authorization is indicated on the visas of the filming crew, therefore no visa can be accorded before the clearance is issued.




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