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PCC Application Process - For Foreign Nationals who were previously Indian Citizen


Step 1- Filling up the application.

The application form for Foreign National who were previously Indian Citizen is available at below link:


Please carefully read the details and various provisions while submitting application.


Step 2 – Prepare and collect documents required for the application. All documents must be self attested by the applicant.

a) Duly signed printout of the Application Form.

b) Proof of Address

Please enclose any one of the following documents as proof of present address:

  • Driving license.
  • Photo ID issued by the Provincial Government.
  • Utility bills (Gas, Electricity, Water or Landline Telephone Bill displaying applicant’s address /House Lease Agreement). Phone bills, Bank statements are not accepted as valid address proofs.

c) Status in Canada – *required only if the applicant is not a Canadian Citizen

The non-Canadian PCC applicants are required to enclose copy of – Work permit/ Study permit/ PR with Landing paper. The original document is required to be presented for verification while submission of PCC application.

If PR card/work permit/study permit is expired, please submit the following additional documents:

  • Expired PR card/work permit/study permit (copy) with letter from IRCC stating that their application for permit renewal is under process. Fee receipts for visa/permit are not acceptable document for the PCC process.
  • Letter from CIC stating the applicant’s application for renewal of PR card/work permit/study permit in Canada is approved.

d) Current Foreign Passport (Original and Copy)

Original Passport and it's self-attested copy is required only for walk-in applications to allow the staff to verify the authenticity of the passport. Once verification is done, the original passport will be returned to the applicant.

Only self-attested copy of the passport is required for the postal applications.

e) Cancelled old Indian Passport (Original and Copy)

Applicants need to submit their cancelled old Indian passport & copy along with the application.

f) Surrender Certificate

g) Certificate of foreign citizenship -

The applicants have to submit a copy of their certificate of obtaining foreign citizenship which should clearly mention the date of obtaining foreign citizenship.

h) Photograph

One color photo as per below specification is required to be submitted along with the application:

  • Size – 2 inch x 2 inch (51 mm x 51 mm)
  • Background – Background should be plain white colored without borders.
  • Clothes – Dark colour
  • Eyes – Open


i) Fees: For Fee related details please click here.

*While submitting application, please keep the documents with the application form in the above serial order.


Step 3 : Submit the duly signed printout of the application along with the supporting documents as listed above with applicable fee at a BLS Center.



  1. After online submission of application form, no changes can be made manually / hand writing. In case of any error / changes, please fill a fresh new online application form and use that for further submission to BLS.
  2. Consulate cannot edit or make any changes to the applicant’s online application form.
  3. Consulate reserves the right to call for additional documents, as considered necessary.


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