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Business Visa

Business visa is granted to foreign nationals of assured financial standing who wish to visit India for business and trade purposes.

The foreign national should not be visiting India for the business of money lending or for running a petty business or trade or for employment in India, etc.

Processing Time: 15 business days after receipt of application in the Consulate.

*Applicants of Pakistani origin are requested to see this link before applying for an Indian visa.

Documents Required for Paper Business Visa

  • Duly filled up and printed copy of the Online Application Form (click here).
  • Canadian/Foreign passport* (Original and Copy)
  • Proof of Address
  • Photograph (link)
  • Surrender Certificate (Mandatory for foreign nationals of Indian origin)
  • Business invitation letter from Indian Organization/Company
  • Certification of Incorporation and copy of PAN card of Indian Organization/Company
  • Business letter from Canadian Organization/Company with original signatures
  • Certification of Incorporation of Canadian organization/Company
  • Business Information Sheet
  • Undertaking from the company about expenditure on travel of the visa applicant
  • Fee (For Canadian nationals link) (For non-Canadian nationals link)


  1. For details about the above, please see the Information Booklet. Please go through all the details mentioned in the Checklist, Information Booklet and application form carefully before submitting the application.
  2. In case required, additional documents can be asked by the Consulate.
  3. While submitting the application, please keep the documents with the application form as per the above serial order.


Special case 1: Applicants having Non-Canadian Passports

Non Canadian Nationals who have been living in Canada on a long-term visa or work permit or Permanent Resident card for over 2 years can apply for Business visa in Canada. The fee and the processing time in such cases is different than those for Canadian Passport holders. Please consult our outsourcing agents, BLS International for details.


Special case 2: Sports persons and coaches

In respect of the sport person categories of international sports events, visa will be issued to the participants only on production of –

            (i) requisite clearance from the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports,

            (ii) clearance for holding the event from the Ministry of Home Affairs

            (iii) political clearance for holding the event from the Ministry of External




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