About Us Consulate Officials

Mrs. Apoorva Srivastava

Consul General

PPS to Consul General


Social Secretary to the Consul General


Mr. Shuban Krishen

Consul (Commerce & Pol)


Mr. Dheeraj Pareek

Consul (Press, Information & Community Welfare)


Mr. P.K Munjal

HOC & Consul (Cons) 



Mr. Gurvinder Singh Marwah

Consul (Passport, PCC, SC & Attestation), First Appelate Authority


Mr. Mukesh Puri

Vice Consul (OCI & Surrender Certificate)

Ms. Namrata Gangahar Vice Consul (PCC)


Mr. Yadram Yadav

Vice Consul (Administration, DDO & Culture)


Mr. Rishiv Chandan

Vice Consul (Visa)


Mr. Hitesh Singh Mehra

Vice Consul (Passport, Attestation & Website Management), RTI Nodal officer & CPIO


* Any query related to Consular services may be raised on the SAMPARK portal.