For issuing passports to minor, practice of notarized affidavits has been done away with by Ministry of External Affairs vide gazette notification of 26-12-2016. There is no need to issue affidavits in the format of annexure H & G in India or any Indian Embassy / High Commission / Consulate. It is also confirmed that applications of minor applicants for issue of passport may be processed by RPOs on self-attested Annexure C/D and other documents, as the case may be. All the self-declarations can also be submitted on plain paper. In cases of applying for Minor's passport in India, the parents/guardians may get the Annexure D (if both parents are present for consent) or Annexure C (if one of the parents can not give consent); as applicable attested from the Consulate.

Fee : C$16

In case of postal application to be paid by bank draft/money order in favour of “Consulate General of India, Toronto”.  In case of in person appointment at the Consulate, in addition the above fee can also be paid by Debit Card. 

Please note cash, personal cheques, credit cards are not accepted.


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