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Student visa will be granted to a Foreign National intending to pursue internship in Indian companies/Educational Institutions/NGOs. The visa will be granted at any time during the course of study or immediately after completion of graduation/ post-graduation but the gap between the completion of graduation/ post-graduation and the commencement of the internship should not be more than two year.

In case the internship is in a Company, the foreign national being sponsored for internship should draw a minimum remuneration of Rs. 3.60 lakhs per annum. There will be no minimum salary limit in the case of internship in Educational institution and NGOs.

Earning from internship of the foreign nationals with Indian companies/ Educational Institutions/ NGOs will be subject to the Indian Income Tax Regulations.

Foreign nationals granted Student visa for doing internship will have to register themselves with the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO)/ Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) concerned within 14 days of arrival in India if continuous stay is for more than 180 days.

Under no circumstances, the foreign national will be allowed to take up employment in India immediately after completion of the internship program. Conversion of this visa into any other type of visa is not permitted.

*Applicants of Pakistani origin are requested to see this link before applying for an Indian visa.

Documents Required

  • Duly filled up and printed copy of the Online Application Form (click here).
  • Canadian/Foreign passport* (Original and Copy)
  • Proof of Address
  • Photograph (link)
  • Surrender Certificate (mandatory only for Indian origin foreign nationals)
  • Letter on company/NGO letter head signed by the authorise signatory regarding internship of applicant with mention of applicant’s passport details etc. and details of stipend to be received during internship.
  • Copy of Registration of Company/NGO
  • Copy of PAN card of Company/NGO
  • Fee (For Canadian nationals link) (For non-Canadian nationals link)



  1. For details about the above, please see the Information Booklet. Please go through all the details mentioned in the Checklist, Information Booklet and application form carefully before submitting the application.
  2. In case required, additional documents can be asked by the Consulate.
  3. While submitting the application, please keep the documents with the application form as per the above serial order.

Please refer the FAQs page for quries regarding the application process.



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