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Q) Who can Apply for Police Clearance Certificate?

A) PCC service is available for the following:

1. Indian Citizens

2. Foreign Nationals who were previously Indian Citizens - seeking PCC for the period while they held Indian passport/citizenship.

3. Foreign Nationals - seeking PCC for the period of their stay in India.


Q) Where can I submit the PCC application form?

A) PCC applications are to be submitted at the BLS centres:

All the BLS Centres location under the CGI Toronto’s Jurisdiction can be found on this link.

BLS Websitehttps://www.blsindia-canada.com


Q) How do I submit the PCC application?

A) PCC application process is mentioned below

  • Filling up the application form based on Indian or Foreign nationality.
  • Prepare and collect documents required for the application.
  • Submit the duly signed printout of the application along with the supporting documents with applicable fee at a BLS Center.

More information on the requirements of documents based on the nationality and the application process can be found under the “How to apply” section of the “Police Clearance Certificate” menu.


Q) What is the validity of PCC issued from Consulate?

A) There is no validity mentioned on PCC and it depends upon the requirement of office / authority where applicant is required to submit the PCC.


Q) How is PCC dispatched to the applicant?

A) Those PCCs for which courier charges are paid by the applicant are dispatched by BLS. In other cases, the PCC is kept at BLS centre for collection by the applicant.


Q) How can I track the status of my application?

A) The status of PCC application can always be tracked on the following links:          




Q)  What is the “file number” that is required in the PCC application form?

A)  You can find the file number on the last page of applicant’s passport.


Q) Can the PCC be issued in Emergency at the Consulate?

A) There is no emergency PCC service.


Q)  I am on a Tourist/Visitor Visa. Can I apply for PCC?

A)  Yes. If the applicant’s continuous stay in Canada is more than six months. In addition, applicant will be required to submit letter from the sponsor, current status of sponsor in Canada and address proof.


Q) Can I apply for PCC if my passport is expired?

A) No, PCC can be issued only on valid passport with least 6 months of validity remaining.

Q) My status/permit is expired but I have applied for permit on spousal grounds. What documents do I need to submit as proof of my status along with passport renewal application?

A) Following need to be submitted by the applicant:

  1. Communication from CIC that the applicant has qualified for/application has been accepted for residency/permit under spousal grounds (names of the applicant’s spouse and themselves should be mentioned).
  2. (a) if the spouse is Canadian National: Copy of Canadian passport and old Indian passport; 


       (b) if spouse is Indian National: Copy of spouse's passport and Copy of spouse's permit (PR with landing paper/visa)


Q) My passport has been seized by Canadian Immigration/CBSA. I only have a copy, but the passport is valid. Am I eligible to submit a PCC application?

A) 1. Indian Citizen: You are first required to apply for issuance of a new passport through BLS. You can then use the new paasport to apply for PCC.

2. Foreign Citizen: You can apply for PCC if you have a true copy of the valid passport stamped by CBSA along with letter from CIC inviting them for a permit. You can also obtain a travel document from IRCC and use it to apply for PCC.


Q) My passport is valid; however, my marital status has changed after the issue of last passport. Am I required to renew passport before applying for PCC?

A) No. You may submit your PCC application with a copy of marriage certificate.


Q)  Do I need to provide a proof of address in case there is a mismatch in the address in the passport and the PCC application? What proof of address should I provide?

A) Yes.  Applicant should provide an Indian address of parents/close relatives etc. where someone can verify applicant’s antecedents at the time of police verification. Valid Indian ID of the parents / relatives should be submitted along with the application form.


Q) What happens in case of receipt of an adverse police report from Police authorities?

A) Sometimes Report is marked Adverse on the basis of incorrect address, gender, parents name and wife’s name. Applicants are therefore advised that please check the following personal particulars before filling the application :

  • Correctness of the India address (make sure someone is residing at that address)
  • Correctness of gender
  • Correctness in spelling of parents’ name as per their passports
  • Correctness of spelling of spouse’s name as per their passport


Q)  How do I select correct police station while filling up PCC application?

A)  Applicant can enquire from their native place or can search using the following link:      



Q) Do photocopies of original documents need to be self-attested?

A) Yes.   

For Walk-in appointments all original documents must be accompanied by self-attested photocopies. Original documents are returned to the applicant after scrutiny. 

For Postal service only self-attested copies are sufficient. Original documents should not be sent to BLS.


Q)  I cannot come to collect my PCC personally. What should I do?

A) The applicant can give an authorization letter and a copy of their ID proof to any another person, allowing them to collect documents on their behalf from BLS centres. The person carrying the authorization letter will be required to submit a copy of his ID at the time of collection.


Q)  Can foreign nationals including Canadians of Indian origin, who have stayed in India for education, training, family reason, etc. apply for PCC?

A) Yes. Foreigners who have stayed in India in the past for education, training, family reason, etc. and need police clearance for the period of their stay in India, such applicants may apply for PCC.  They have to submit their educational degree, marksheet, school leaving certificate, job letter, institution admission record, passport copy, entry/exit stamps for visit to India on the passport etc. and residence proof.)  If they don’t have sufficient documents, they have to obtain prior approval from Consulate by emailing at pcc.toronto@mea.gov.in along with all the required documents. After approval, PCC application may be submitted at the BLS centres.


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