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FAQs on Travel restrictions and Students & Consular queries.

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Travel restrictions and Student and Consular queries

30 March 2020


Question / Query



With the lockdown extended in India till 14 April, when will the flights resume for India?


As of now, the restrictions on commercial passenger flights are in place till 14 April 2020.  

Please keep watching the evolving  situation and updates on our website - www.cgitoronto.gov.in


Can High Commission / Consulate help in arranging special flight?

For ensuring public health safety, India is lockdown till 14 April. No commercial passenger flights are allowed to land.  

Please keep watching the evolving  situation and updates on our website - www.cgitoronto.gov.in


Our family members/friends having Canadian passport are stuck in India due to Lockdown.  Can they be allowed to travel to Canada?

For such issues, you may prefer to contact the Canadian High Commission or their Consulates in India.  

They can be reached through their website –



Our family members, who have a student permit /PR of Canada are stuck in India. Are they allowed to travel to Toronto?

Canada has provided exemption to international  students who has study permit or had been approved for a study permit on or before March 18 and PR was approved on March 16. They can plan their travel when regular flights to Canada become operational.


My relatives are stuck in India with special visa issued recently, it is going to expire soon. How can they extend their visa?

They can take get the visa extended from the office of the concerned FRRO, through e-FRRO (https://indianfrro.gov.in/frro/)


Will travellers from Canada be quarantined in India for 14 days?

No commercial passenger flights are allowed to land in India till 14 April 2020.

Any person arriving in India is subject to the health measures application at the time as prescribed by the Government of India. You can see updates at - https://www.mohfw.gov.in/

Please also keep watching the evolving  situation and updates on our website - www.cgitoronto.gov.in


Whether foreigners transiting through restricted countries allowed to travel to India?

All commercial passenger flights have been barred from taking passengers from restricted countries.

No commercial passenger flights are allowed to land in India till 14 April 2020.

Please keep watching the evolving  situation and updates on our website - www.cgitoronto.gov.in


Whether COVID-19 Negative test report is required for travel from Canada?

At present, this is not applicable for travel from Canada, unless one has travelled to restricted countries.

For more details, kindly see the website of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of India –https://www.mohfw.gov.in/


How one can re-route flights or get refund for cancelled flights?

Applicant should contact the concerned airline in this regard.


Are infants/children who hold foreign passports and while  parents are Indian passport holders, allowed to enter India?

A child having foreign passport would require a fresh visa for India from the Consulate. At present, only emergency visas are being issued on grounds of compelling reasons.

No commercial passenger flights are allowed to land in India till 14 April 2020.


Since flights are not operating these days, when should someone apply for visa at the Consulate?

Visas can be applied at this Consulate with supporting documents after resumption of passenger flights.

Questions relating to students-related queries / matter -



We are students in Canada. Due to COVID-19, Universities/Colleges have shut their campuses till  September 2020, and classes /exams have been changed to the online mode.  We have been asked to vacate accommodation after 31 March 2020.  Is Consulate making any arrangement for our stay out of the campus hostel?

Consulate has been regular touch with Universities and colleges in Greater Toronto Area and beyond. All universities/colleges have responded positively to help in this crisis and Universities/colleges are making special arrangements for the stay of students who cannot leave campus accommodation. If you as a student still face any specific problem, then please contact us with your details, including contact numbers at – com.toronto@mea.gov.in / comsec.toronto@mea.gov.in /


My course is completing in April 2020. I have already booked my ticket and would like to return to India, however, cannot due to travel restrictions. 

What arrangements the Consulate or GOI is making for stranded people like us? Is there any special flight arranged from Canada?

These are very difficult times and there are travel restrictions and lockdown across the globe.  You will have to be patient.

We need to wait for resumption of commercial passenger flights to India.

Please keep watching the evolving situation and  updates on our website – www.cgitoronto.gov.in




I am a student holding Indian passport and my parents have permanent residency of UAE, Oman, etc.

 I want to travel to be with my parents in these difficult times.

In such cases, individual should contact the respective Embassy/Consulate of the country they want to enter.  A copy of such communication can be sent to us at -  com.toronto@mea.gov.in         


I am a student and feeling home sick in the given circumstances and want to travel to India as soon as possible.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented pandemic affecting all countries in the world, including India.   To ensure the safety of millions in India, there is a lockdown and restriction on landing of commercial passenger flights till 14 April 2020. We need to wait for resumption of flights to India.

Please be patient. We at the Consulate are there to help you tide over these difficult and uncertain times.

Follow the medical advisories issued by your institution and the Government. Stay at home and observe social distancing to curtail further spread of the disease. In case you are feeling sick, please contact your primary health provider.

Please keep watching the evolving  situation and updates on our website - www.cgitoronto.gov.in 


Due to COVID-19 outbreak, I am unable to sustain myself and even lack food, ration, etc.

Is the Consulate providing any support in this regard?

Please take all health measures, stay home, observe social distancing to stay safe and healthy. 

Queries relating to food / ration etc may be sent  with your contact details  to – welfare.toronto@mea.gov.in  / com.toronto@mea.gov.in

With cc to:  cg.toronto@mea.gov.in


Questions relating to Consular services / matters -



Due to Covid-19, walk-in services have been suspended at the Consulate. How does one apply for Passport, PCC, attestation, etc.?


Walk-in services are suspended at the Consulate.

It is suggested that all normal passport, PCC  applications may be sent to the BLS by courier or Post along with documents and fee.  BLS contact details at S.No. 21 below.


For Tatkar passport, please email your request to – consec.toronto@mea.gov.in


For attestation,  please mail your application and documents at the Consulate (365 Bloor Street East, Toronto), no original passport, PR, etc need to be sent, only copies and return envelope. The fee is payable by bank draft in favour of ‘Consulate General of India, Toronto’. Please check document requirements at link under Consular - miscellaneous – www.cgitoronto.gov.in


Due to COVID-19 , the Consulate is working with skeletal strength, services will take more time.  Please bear with us. For any query please write to – cons.toronto@gov.in


My study / work permit has expired and I am unable to get it renewed, can I get my passport renewed in the absence of valid study/work permit?

All applicants whose study/work permit has expired after 15 March 2020 or going to expire shortly, but are unable to get them renewed due to COVID-19 / lockdown, they can apply for renewal of passport at the BLS, Consulate will issue them short-term validity passport.


If someone has lost passport and due to COVID-19 / Lockdown, is unable to get a Police Report, how will he/she  be able to get passport issued in such a situation?

It is advised to file online report with your local police department and give reference of the acknowledgement received. If the police acknowledges on email report, the same from police can be given.

In case the applicant is unable to get any sort of Police Report.  The applicant  may obtain (1) Name of the Police Officer who recorded the loss of passport report; (2) His Batch and Phone number; and (3) Reference number of lost passport given by the Police and send it to the Consulate by email at – passport.toronto@mea.gov.in The information will be confirmed by the Consulate and the applicant will be informed to apply for new passport.


My work permit/study permit has expired or is going to expire soon.  This will render my status as illegal. Given the COVID-19 situation, will I be allowed by the Canadian Government to regularize my status once the situation becomes normal.  Will Consulate help in such matters?

Individual need to take up this matter with the appropriate Department of the Canadian Government.   


The Canadian Government has made certain special dispensations for people affected due to COVID19 pandemic.  The information from the Canadian government can be seen at



How to contact to the BLS for any query for service through them?

BLS is offering postal service as walk-in service has been suspended due to COVID-19.  Please contact their call centres to book your postal application.  

BLS customer service can be reached at :







What are the Emergency numbers and the social media handles of the Consulate General of India, Toronto?


Emergency lines of CGI Toronto are as follows

(from 0800-2230 hours) -



437-239-4077 ( for Students-related queries).

Twitter – IndiainToronto @IndiainToronto

Facebook - India in Toronto -Consulate General of India



All queries for status of passport, PCC, attestation may please be sent by email at – cons.toronto@mea.gov.in

consec.toronto@mea.gov.in (passport and OCI)


To whom to write in the Consulate for any travel / consular query  in emergency ?

Students in difficulty in Greater Toronto Area should write to – com.toronto@mea.gov.in;


For any consular query, please send your email to cons.toronto@mea.gov.in / consec.toronto@mea.gov.in (passport and OCI)


What details are to be mentioned when writing emails to the Consulate?

Please mention your name, contact number in the email to enable the Consulate to revert to you over phone or otherwise.

For any consular query, please attach the receipt or copy of passport, document, etc for expeditious disposal.