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Tender for hiring of Security Guard for Consulate premises

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Consulate General of India










DATE OF OPENING OF BIDS: 9th March 2023 AT 1000 HRS



Invitation for Bids



Tender notice for deployment of two (02) professionally trained security guards for Consulate General of India, 365 Bloor St. East, Suite 700, Toronto, M4W 3L4.


TOR/851/01/2021 Dated: 7th March 2023


1. Introduction:


    1. Sealed tenders are invited from eligible bidders located and based in Toronto, for providing two(02) trained Security Guards (hereinafter called SG) for security duties at Consulate General of India, Toronto as per terms and conditions set forth in the Tender Document.


    1. This Tender Notice is being issued with no financial commitment and the Consulate reserves the right to change or vary any part thereof of the Tender Notice at any stage. Consulate also reserves the right to withdraw the Tender Notice, should it become necessary at any stage.


    1. Consulate's decision on the pre-qualification and selection of the Service Provider shall be final.


2. Eligibility (Pre-Qualification):

The invitation of tender is open to all eligible bidding companies who fulfil conditions as mentioned below:-


    1. Bidding company should be based in Toronto & must have a minimum of three years of overall experience in providing security personnel and related services.


    1. Bidding Company must submit a copy of the security related topics covered during training schedule of the guards.


    1. The company should have proven expertise in the field of security in Toronto and should have also provided Security Services to any govt./semi govt./autonomous body/Embassy/ Consulate/International Organization etc. Proof in respect of security services provided to such agencies must be provided in the form of reference letters from such organizations.

    2. Bidding Company must include, as part of its tender, attested copies of documents mentioned at Annexure 'A' below as testimony of qualification to perform the contract.

Note: The Consulate General of India, Toronto reserves the right to ask for any additional documents from the bidders to substantiate issues related to financial health of the company, local police clearance/ verification, partnership agreements, etc. in order to establish holistic credentials of the bidding Company.

3. Critical Minimum Quality Parameters of Security Guards:

The Service Provider shall meet the following critical minimum quality parameters for security guards to be deployed : -

  1. Age: Security Guards should not be more than 50 years of age.


  1. Education: Security Guards should have got education at least up to High School.


  1. Training: Security Guards shall possess training in basic security duties such as access control and anti-sabotage checks (of person, baggage and vehicles) including the use of basic security tools such as Handheld Metal Detector (HHMD), Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD), CCTV monitoring, baggage and letter scanners, etc. They shall possess knowledge of the potential threats in general terms and also knowledge of what is “suspicious” in-terms of men and material.


  1. Supervision: The provider should have a system of undertaking supervisory checks of functioning of LSGs to ensure that the supplied LSGs are discharging their duties with efficiency. The service provider should clearly spell out as to what will be the system of supervision/surprise checks so as to achieve the above objective e.g. number of scheduled and surprise visits in a given period.



  1. Physical and Mental Fitness: Security Guards should be physically and mentally fit. They should not suffer from chronic disease or an apparent disability that would hinder efficient discharge of the duties typical to security guards. Firm should submit medical fitness certificate in respect of every SG.


  1. Character & Antecedents Verification: The Service Provider shall provide only such Security Guards who have been vetted by Canadian Government's security department in terms of past record, character and antecedents, The Service Providers should be able to provide background details of the SGs and proof of their scrutiny.


  1. Uniform: Security Guards shall perform their duties in smart uniforms and their overall appearance shall be neat and clean.

  2. Knowledge of Language: The SGs should he proficient in English language.


  1. Rotation of Staff: Service provider shall have enough SGs on its roll so that the staff is rotated periodically. Ideally the staff shall change after every 04 months or earlier at the request of the Consulate General of India, Toronto.

  2. Registration: Service provider shall provide proof of compliance as regards local laws and statutory regulations in running a private security premises.

  3. Other Clients: Service provider shall furnish information about its other clients including period and type of service rendered in broad terms.


  1. Service Conditions of Security Guards: The security company should agree to provide the Consulate details of salary, gratuity, allowances, leaves, etc. it permits for its security guards. Service provider should agree to provide the brief CV of security guards including their passport, cell phone number, other nationalities previously or concurrently held, residential address, educational qualification. languages spoken and industry skill certification.


  1. The service provider shall not pay wages lower than minimum wages of security guards as fixed by the local authorities. Payment of other admissible benefits, if any, like bonus, leave etc. to the security guards deputed at CGI Toronto shall solely be the liability of the bidding company and not that of the Consulate.


  1. The service provider shall be responsible for dropping and picking up the security staff to and from Consulate General of India, Toronto.


  1. The Bidding Company is to ensure compliance of all mandatory labour laws/regulations laid down by the Government of Canada/Ontario and any other relevant Acts and regulations enforceable from time to time without any liability on the Consulate General of India, Toronto or without any responsibility for statutory compliance of any kind by the Consulate.


4. Scope of Work: The scope of work of the Security Guards is as follows: -


  1. Two (02) security guards 5 days a week at Consulate General of India properties at 365 Bloor St. East, suite 700, Toronto from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Additional work, if required by the Consulate on working days, weekends (Saturday & Sunday), and public Holidays. Prospective bidders


  1. Currency of contract:- The contract period would be for 2 years. During the contract period of two years, Consulate would not enhance per hour wages in respect of security guards.

  2. Perform all security duties assigned by the Consulate General of India, Toronto.


  1. Security Guards to be very alert on duty, both physically and mentally throughout the shift and report any issues immediately to the supervisory officer in the Consulate.


  1. Keep watch over for any suspicious person or material, sabotage, damage, fire and safeguard the property, men, material, machines, and document etc at site.


  1. Monitor X-ray machine, use of HHMD, DFMD and assist in regulating access of visitors and applicants to the premises while being polite and courteous.


  1. Take periodic patrolling and surveillance for suspected activities of visitors in the premises.

  2. To be alert and detect unattended packages and strange objects and respond in emergency situations like fire etc.


  1. Company will ensure to maintain proper supervision over the security personnel with regards to their discipline, alertness, proper uniform, conduct in the course of their duty and carry out periodic inspections.


5. Tendering Process:


    1. Tender is invited in two parts i.e. (i) Technical Bid and (ii) Financial Bid.

    2. Interested bidders may like to send their bids as per Annexure C in sealed covers and with clear identification on envelope through post addressed to Head of Chancery, Consulate General of India, 365 Bloor St. East, Suite 700, Toronto, ON M4W 3L4.

    3. Two (02) sealed envelopes containing the Technical and Financial bids clearly marked and sealed separately should be further sealed inside another bigger envelope clearly marked as ‘Technical and Financial Bid for Local Security Guards for Consulate General of India, 365 Bloor Street East, Suite 700, Toronto, ON M4W 3L4., latest by 6th March 2023 up to 1700 hrs. Annexure C should be sealed in the technical bid envelope. Bids will be opened at 1000 hrs on 9th March 2023.


    1. The Consulate will not be responsible for any delay in receipt of bids or missing of bids while-in transit/post. Bids received by email/ fax will be rejected out-rightly.


    1. The validity of the bids must be for 120 days with effect from the date of opening of the bids. All bids should be in English language only.


    1. The proforma for technical and financial bids is placed at Annexure- A and Annexure-B respectively.


    1. Late Applications: Any application/bid received after the last date and time for submission for the same, shall not be accepted. Applications received after last date shall be summarily rejected and returned to addressee unopened.


    1. Incomplete Application/bid: Any incomplete application/bid shall be summarily rejected.

    2. Bid security declaration:- All the prospective bidders are required to submit the bid security declaration as per proforma attached at the end of this notice. This should be sealed in the envelope of ‘Technical Bid’.

6. Technical Bid Evaluation:


    1. In the first stage, only the envelopes, containing the Technical Bid will be Opened on the appointed date and time (9th March 2023) in presence of the bidding companies (one representative each) and shown as a token of receipt of the documents in time. The sealed envelope containing the Financial Bids will be shown to the members present but will not be opened at this stage.


    1. The Technical Bids will be examined and evaluated by the Consulate. Bidding companies which do not qualify in the technical evaluation will not qualify to the Financial Bid stage and their Financial Bids will be returned unopened.

7. Financial bids:


    1. Bidding companies, which have qualified the Technical Bid Stage, will be informed by email to be present on the appointed date and time fixed by the Consulate and the Financial Bids will be opened in their presence.


    1. After opening of the Financial Bids, successful Bidder will be announced based on the lowest financial quote. The final decision of the Consulate on award of contract will be communicated in due course. The notification of award will constitute the formation of contract.

8. Performance Security: An amount of 5 % of the total value of the tender as per quotation submitted by the successful bidder, shall be obtained from the successful bidder as Performance Bank Guarantee. Performance Security may be furnished in the form of an Account Payee Demand Draft, Fixed Deposit Receipt from a Commercial Bank, Bank Guarantee from a Commercial Bank or online payment in an acceptable form safeguarding the purchaser's interest in all respects. The performance security would remain valid for a period of 60 days from the start of the contract beyond completion of the contract period. No interest on the BPG during this period would be paid to the successful bidder by the Consulate.

9. Commencement of Contract: The date of commencing security services of lowest bidder will be conveyed by the Consulate on approval by the Competent Authority.


10. Payment:


    1. Payment shall be made upon completion of work.


    1. Monthly bill must be submitted by 1st of the subsequent month and payment will be made within 10 days of receipt of the invoice.


    1. Payments in respect of the security services provided by the company will be made on monthly basis, by cheque or bank transfer.

    2. The enhancement in the cost/rates which arises purely due to the sovereign order of the host government like increase in minimum wages or imposition/increase of some tax component or levying of some cess etc. may be paid by the Consualte only after approval of the Competent Authority.


11. Additional Information:


    1. The Bidder shall not utilize or publicize or disclose or part with any statistic, data or information collected with assignment/contract without the express written consent of Consulate General of India, Toronto. A non disclosure agreement will be signed with the successful bidder at the time of signing of the contract.


    1. No terms and conditions other than as stipulated above will be entertained. Tenders without acceptance of the terms and conditions stipulated above are liable to be rejected.


    1. The Consulate reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reasons thereof.


    1. Medical Facility: Service provider is responsible for providing medical facility to the security personnel deployed at Consulate General of India, Toronto.


12. Termination of Contract: The Consulate reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time by giving one month’s advance notice. However, the Consulate shall also have the right to terminate the Contract by giving a lesser period of Notice under special circumstances such as security considerations, violation of privacy laws etc. The Service Provider may terminate the contract by giving three months advance notice with justification for termination of service.


  1. Force Majeure: For the purpose of this clause, “Force Majeure” shall mean an event beyond the control of the service provider and not involving the service provider’s fault or negligence. If a Force Majeure situation arises, the service provider shall promptly notify the authority in writing of such conditions and the cause thereof. Unless otherwise directed by the Consulate in writing, the service provider shall continue to perform its obligations under the contract as far as is reasonably practical.


  1. Settlement of Disputes and Arbitration: All disputes, differences and questions arising out of or in any way touching or concerning this agreement or subject matter thereof or the representative rights, duties or liability of the parties shall be referred to the sole arbitration of any person nominated by the Consulate General of India, Toronto. The arbitration shall be in accordance with the existing rules and regulation of Toronto in this regard. The arbitrator shall be entitled to extend the time of arbitration proceedings with the consent of the parties.

  2. Point of Contact: For any tender-related enquiry/query/clarification, please contact: -

Head of Chancery Consulate General of India 365 Bloor Street East

Suite 700, Toronto, ON M4W 3L4

Email:hoc.toronto@mea.gov.in Tel: +1 416 960 2031

Fax: +1 416 960 9812


  1. Sign and Seal: The Bidder must sign and affix his seal on every page (Repeat every page) of the Tender Documents for the bid and the completed signed tender documents must be submitted.



  1. Name of the firm:

  2. Address of the Registered Office:

  3. Correspondence Address:

  4. Contact details:

    1. Telephone:

    2. Fax:

    3. E-mail:






Brief introduction of the Company.


Experience, service history and achievements of the Company (industry certification, awards etc)


Evidence of range of security services provided.


Evidence of registration of the Company under relevant statutory regulations (if registered under more than one law, the same be furnished).


List of other clients the Company is serving in terms of supply of Security Guards in Toronto and other cities of Canada and other

countries (along with Testimonials).


Size of the reserve pool of men and logistics such as response teams, patrol vehicles/security equipment’s/control room facilities/ communication equipment’s under use, etc.


Company’s relationship with the local police.


Does the Company have its own training facility (details thereof)? Does it avail the facility of another provider or company that only focuses on training? What is the curriculum and duration of training of the security guards and the supervisors?


Industry certification obtained by the Company for its quality.


Attrition rate of security guards and security supervisors.


Scope and limit of liability of the Company.


Take home pay and allowance of the security guards.


The undertaking from the service provider that it will provide Qualification and Experience documents of the Security Guards proposed to the deployed in the Consulate, if the contract is finally awarded to them.



[Signature(s) of the Tenderer(s) with Name, Designation, Date & Seal]




  1. Name of the firm:

Annexure-B FinancialBidProforma


  1. Address of the Registered Office:

  2. Correspondence address:

  3. Contact details:

    1. Telephone:

    2. Fax:

    3. E-mail:






(in C$)

Remarks, if any


Monthly charges for 02 day security guards for 5 days per week from 9:00 am to 05:00 pm (based on hourly rates

per guard)




Monthly charges for 01 (one) security guards for 5 days per week from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm in case the Consulate decides to depute only one security

guard in view of changed senario




Cost of additional work hours (per guard), if required by the Embassy on certain occasions during

  1. Working days

  2. Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)

  3. Public Holidays





[Signature(s) of the Tenderer(s) with Name, Designation, Date & Seal]







I/We , representative(s) of


declare that:


  1. I/We are submitting my/our bid against the Tender Notice No TOR/815/01/2021 dated 6th February 2023 brought out by the Consulate General of India, Toronto for providing security services at the Chancery.


  1. I/We or my/our partners do not have any relative working in any office of Consulate General of India, Toronto.


  1. All information furnished by me/us in respect of fulfilment of eligibility criteria and other information given in this tender is complete, correct, and true.


  1. All documents/credentials submitted along with this tender are genuine, authentic, true, and valid.


  1. The Price-Bid submitted by me/us is “WITHOUT ANY CONDITION”.


  1. I/We have not been banned/delisted by the Government of Canada or any Government agency of Canada.


  1. I/We accept all the terms and conditions of Tender.


  1. If any information or document submitted is found to be false/incorrect, Consulate may cancel my/our Tender and take any action as deemed fit including termination of the contract, forfeiture of all dues and blacklisting of my/our firm and all partners of the firms.





[Signature(s) of the Tenderer(s) with Name, Designation, Date & Seal]

Bid Security Declaration



With reference to tender notice no. TOR/815/01/2021 dated 7th February 2023 , this is to certify that if we withdraw or modify our bid during period of validity or if we are awarded the contract and we fail to sign the contract or fail to submit a performance security before the deadline defined in this document, we are liable to be suspended for a period considered fit by the Consulate from being eligible to submit bids for contracts by the Consulate General of India, Toronto




[Signature(s) of the Tenderer(s) with Name, Designation, Date & Seal]

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