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In the wake of outbreak of Corona virus (COVID-19), it has been decided to suspend all walk-in /over the counter services at the Consulate General of India, Toronto with immediate effect, until further notice.

Attestation (by Post) – Services for Indian nationals for attestation of POA (except WILL), civil documents, affidavits, commercial documents,  driving licence, issue of life certificate, issue of certificate of DOB Certificate, Marriage, death, NRI, service related to transportation of mortal remains / ashes may be sent by post to the Consulate (365 Bloor Street East, Toronto).

Canadian nationals will be required to do prior notarization/authentication of documents at Service Ontario (222 Jarvis Street, Toronto) and thereafter will send the documents to the Consulate by Post for attestation. 


  • Please email duly filled in Miscellaneous application form(Click here).
  • Attach original POA which needs to be attested along with its copy
  • Fee is to be paid by bank draft/money order in the name of Consulate General of India, Toronto
  • Attach copy of passport first and last page
  • Attach copy of valid PR card/Work or Study permit (for Indian nationals)
  • Attach copy of Canadian passport.
  • Attach proof of address in Canada (Canadian driving licence, Gas, Electricity or landline telephone bill displaying applicant's address and House lease agreement.
  • Attach a self-addressed prepaid envelope for return of serviced documents.

Fee to be paid:

For Power of Attorney regarding property matters : C$ 35. Please Note that C$ 35 is for one seal & signature, if you need it on more pages fee applicable will be C$ 35 x number of pages on which you need seal and signature.  Please specify pages in case more than one page is to be attested.

For other civil documents :  C$ 19. It is clarified that the fee of C$ 19 is for one seal & signature, if you need signature and seal on more pages, fee applicable will be C$ 19 x number of pages.

Please note that original passport or other documents (except POA to be attested) are not sought by the Consulate given the situation of COVID-19, only copies are required to be sent. However, if originals are sent by mistake, Consulate will return them, however, it will not be responsible for loss of these documents in transit by post.

Important Note: Due to COVID-19, Consulate is working with skeletal strength, we seek your cooperation. Delays may be expected in the given circumstances.

Please note that no service is being rendered on attestation of WILL given the requirement of presence of applicant and witnesses in person at the Consulate due to  COVID-19

2-3 weeks processing time subject to all documents being in order.

For any queries, you may write to cons.toronto@mea.gov.in

If you are required to attest civil documents such as Pan forms/Bank statement/Salary statement/Copy of passport/Birth/Death/Divorce/ etc. please follow the instructions as mentioned below : 

Requirements :

    • * Fill in the Miscellaneous application form (Click Here).
    • * Attach your original passport and a copy of its main pages.
    • * If you are an Indian passport holder attach originals along with copy of your PR card/Work or Study permit. Please note that in case your PR card is issued or reissued after 01.01.2015, original and a copy of landing paper is also required.
    • * Attach original document which need to be attested alongwith its ONE copy (The document must be authenticated as per note at # below). 
    • * Presence of applicant is required for execution of Civil documents.
    • *Attach proof of address in Canada (Canadian driving licence, Gas, Electricity or landline telephone bill displaying applicant's address and House lease agreement. 

                   Note:  Bank/credit card/mobile phone statements are not accepted as residence proof

    • * If you are applying by mail : You must ensure to read the note at the end of this page and if eligible, enclose return prepaid envelope with your address and send the complete set of documents to :

Consulate General of India,

(Consular Section – Attestation)

 365 Bloor Street East

Toronto ON M4W 3L4

Indian documents : Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce and Educational Certificates etc. issued by the Indian authorities in India can also be attested by the Consulate provided the same have been authenticated by the designated officer of the State Government and validated by the Consular Section of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Patiala House, New Delhi-110001 or any other agency approved by the Ministry of External Affairs. For details, please check MEA website for "Legalization of the Documents" (Click Here). However, for attestation of documents such as copy of Indian passport/OCI/PAN Card form, there is no need of attestation from Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.

Canadian documents : Documents (such as Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce/Educational Certificates/Bank Statement, Passport, Driving License etc.) issued by the Canadian authorities, a photocopy of the document is required to be notarized by Public Notary and duly authenticated by Ministry of Government Services, Ontario or any concerned Provincial authority designated. Marriage/Divorce Certificates issued in Canada must be attested by Ministry of Government Services of Ontario, 222 Jarvis Street, Main Floor, Toronto, Tel: 416-325-8416.

Adoption document : The Adoption document is required to be authenticated by the Ministry of Government Services of Ontario or any concerned Provincial authority designated. 

Processing Fee :

Attach bank draft of C$ 19 drawn in favor of "Consulate General of India”. Please note that the fee C$ 19 is for one seal and signature, if you need seal and signature on 2 or more pages the fee applicable will be C$ 19 x number of pages.Fees can be paid through debit card/bank draft/money order.

Processing Time :

In person : Submission time is 0930-1230 hours.

                  Same day (delivery of attested documents between 1500-1600 hours).

By mail : 3 (three) business days excluding the time taken in mail.

# Please Note :

Applicants are informed that ex-party divorce is not acceptable. Further it is also clarified that even in case of mutually or mutually properly contested cases, an application must be submitted by applicants at the competent Indian civil court in India and a declaratory order authenticating and confirming that the foreign divorce decree is in accordance with Indian law which must be obtained by the applicants.