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BLS Service Charges


BLS Offices have been authorized to collect the following charges for various services being provided to applicants for submission of applications for Indian Passport, Visa, OCI, Surrender Certificate, PCC, etc :




BLS Service Charge


Service Charge for processing of applications for Passport, OCI, PCC, Surrender Certificate, Consular applications for Miscellaneous services


CAD 7.40


Service Charge for processing of applications for Visa


CAD 9.82


Value Added Services (VAS) - optional




Photocopy Services (per copy)


CAD 0.50


Photographs (for four photographs)


CAD 15.00


Courier Service




(a)  Regular


CAD 20.00


(b)  Out of Province and Express


CAD 30.00


(c)  Courier Pick up and Drop


CAD 35.00


(d)  Courier Pick up and Drop out of Province


CAD 50.00


    Email / Printing services for applicants

(e)  (Internet browsing for upto 30 minutes and taking 3 printouts)



CAD 2:00

*Note: Government of India Fee for Consular Services (Passport, Visa, OCI, PCC, SC, etc.) and Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) is separate from BLS Service charges indicated above.

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