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Emergency Certificate (EC)

Emergency Certificate (EC) or One-Way Travel Document to India

EC may be issued in the following circumstance:

If a new passport cannot be issued because of pending verification from India.

Those Indian nationals who have either been refused passport, whose passportshave been lost, stolen

If a passport of individual has been impounded/revoked, or whose passports have remained expired for a long time;

If an individual is under orders of deportation. If an individual is under orders of deportation, the application should be submitted through the Canadian authorities. The EC will be delivered to the agency concerned and not to an agent or third party..

·EC is issued primarily to facilitate the individual’s return to India in an emergency.

·EC can be issued only when the individual’s Indian nationality is confirmed.

·EC can be issued only on an individual’s formal request.

·It is mandatory for an individual requesting an EC to apply in- person at the Consulate. Mailing facility is not available for issuing EC.

How to Apply:

Complete the onlineapplication form-https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/

· Complete the online application based on your current passport details

· Attach following documents with the printed Application Form:

· Photocopy of the first page and last page of the current/last passport.

· Proof of current Canadian residence address: (copy of any one of the following)

Canadian Driving license.

Water or landline telephone bill displaying applicant’s address

House Lease Agreement

· Original Police Report (including lost passport number) lodged with the Police about loss of passport

A letter on a plain paper addressed to the Consulate General of India, Toronto explaining the circumstances and reason for seeking an EC

In case the Consulate receives applications with incomplete documentation, the same would be returned unprocessed..

Supporting Documents: Carry originals of all the supporting documents to be
presented to the Consular Officer (photocopies of which are to be attached with
the application).

Fee : A non-refundable fee of C$22(Twenty two). Fees can be paid through Debit Card/Credit Card/Money Order or Bank Draft drawn in favor of the ‘Consulate General of India, Toronto

Processing Time:Though Consulate's goal is to ensure quick service yet processing time may vary in each case depending upon nationality verification based on the documents submitted by the applicant.

Applicants should bring in their application to the between 9:30AM -12:30PM. Service is on first come first serve basis.