About Us Global Entry Program

Global Entry Program (GEP) applications by Indian citizens at Missions/ Posts abroad through the GPSP System

The facility for submission of Global Entry Programme applications by Indian citizens residing in consular jurisdiction of Consulate General of India, Toronto has been introduced.

Global Entry is a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States.

How to Apply for Global Entry:

Citizens of India are eligible for Global Entry. Applications must be submitted through CBP’swebsite:https://ttp.dhs.gov/

Application Process for background check for GEP:

For those applicant presently living in Canada, after completion of US Custom and Border Protection website process, he/she needs to submit the requisite information in the website of Global Passport Seva Project (https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/) for completion of background check in India. After completion of online submission, he/she should submit the application at M/s BLS along with the fee of requisite fee. For fee please refer to https://www.cgitoronto.gov.in/page/consular-fees/ 



· Copy of passport (First and last page)

· Address proof

· Hard copy of GEP application

· A copy of legal status in Canada (PR card /work permit / visitor record etc).

Where to submit application:

Applications for passport services can be deposited at any of these Centres, depending on the convenience of the applicant. The addresses of these centres are given below:

1. Toronto BLS Centre-1448 Lawrence Avenue East, Unit 6A, Toronto, ON M4A 2V6, Canada. Phone: +1-416 307 2237 ;Website: www.blsindia-canada.com

2. Brampton BLS Centre-20 Gillingham Drive, Unit 701,Brampton, ON L6X 5A5, Canada.Phone: +1-416 307 2237 ;Website: www.blsindia-canada.com

3. Winnipeg BLS Centre-1770 King Edward Street, Winnipeg, MB , R2R 0M5, Canada.Phone: +1-204-285-3985, Website: www.blsindia-canada.com

The Consulate has not appointed or authorized any other agency or individual agent to render any passport service on behalf of Consulate other than M/S BLS International


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