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for submission of OCI application


Type A: Application for Fresh OCI



To be Verified by applicant

Verification by Counter official






Online Application Form




Surrender / Renunciation Certificate




Indian Passport (Original and Copy)




Foreign Citizenship certificate (Original and Copy)




Canadian/Foreign passport* (Original and Copy)




Copy of Registered Marriage certificate




Copy of spouse's passport (if married)




Professional Details of the applicant




Proof of Address











* Additional document for Foreign Passport holders required, please see details in Information Booklet

Type B: Application for Reissue of OCI / Conversion of PIO to OCI


For Reissue of OCI / Misc Service on OCI




Documents at (a) (b) (f) (g) (h) (i) & (j) above




Existing OCI Card /PIO card (Original and Copy)




For Damaged OCI cases - enclose damaged OCI Card in original




For Lost OCI cases - Police Report for Lost OCI



Type C: Application for OCI to Minor Children

Type C (i): Application for OCI to Minor Children - Born in Canada / Foreign country


Documents at (a) (b) (f) (h) (i) & (j) above




Birth certificate – for children born abroad




NOC signed by both parents




Passport and Indian Nationality proof of both parents (copy)*




Registered Marriage Certificate*



  • Please see details in Information Booklet

Type C (ii): Application for OCI to Minor Children - Born in India


Documents at (a) to (j), (o) & (p) above





Type D: Application for OCI on Indian origin Spouse basis


Documents at (a), (b), (f), (g), (h), (i) and (j)




Attested copy of Registered Marriage Certificate




Indian Passport of the spouse




Spouse [If Indian/Foreign(non-Canadian) Citizen- status in Canada




Foreign Spouse Birth Certificate (Duly attested)







  1. For details about the above, please see the Information Booklet, enclosed after this Please go through all the details mentioned in the Checklist, Information Booklet and application form carefully before submitting application.
  2. In case required, more documents can be asked by the High
  3. While submitting application, please keep the documents with the application form as per the above serial order. The Information Booklet is not required to be
  4. For registration as OCI Cardholder, the applicant is required to submit biometrics of fingerprints. You are required to provide the biometrics at the Immigration Check Post on arrival in India
  5. After online submission of Part A & Part B, please "upload the supporting documents otherwise application will not be considered”.


Details to be filled by the applicant

Name of the Applicant


File No. [CAN.. No.]


BLS Center




I have gone through the requirements and specifications mentioned in the checklist and Information booklet with respect to submission of my above application. I am aware that in case any discrepancy is found or any of the documents/conditions are not found as per prescribed parameters, my application may be rejected and fee will not be returned.



---- For official use only ----


(Signature of the applicant)


Verified by








Information Booklet for OCI application submission



Type A: Application for Fresh OCI


  • Online Application Form:


  1. The online application for OCI must be completed and submitted online. The form can be filled up and submitting online at the below link: https://ociservices.gov.in/ 


  1. A step-wise process for filling up online OCI can be seen at the below link: https://www.cgitoronto.gov.in/docs/1666908823Step-wise-process-for-OCI-application-new.pdf 
  • Must select the correct Indian High Commission / Consulate, based on the place where you reside in Canada and the Consular jurisdiction of Indian High Commission / The consular jurisdiction can be viewed at: https://www.blsindia-canada.com/usefullinks.php


(iv) In the online form, please fill up the column related to “Relationship with the root Indian” carefully. Herein the applicant is expected to mention the relation through which his/her Indian origin is established. For example, the applicant himself/herself was Indian Passport holder – “self” to be mentioned. If Father/Mother/Grandfather/Grandmother/Spouse was Indian national – then you need to write the exact relation by which the applicant’s Indian origin is established i.e., “Father” or “Mother” “Grandfather” “Grandmother” “Spouse”.


  1. All the personal particulars / data entries of the OCI application should match with the current The name of parents & spouse should match as mentioned in their Indian Passport.


  1. After online submission of application form, no changes can be made manually / hand writing. In case of any error / changes, please fill a fresh new online application form and use that for further submission to


Please note:


  1. BLS International Employees cannot edit or make any changes to your online application
  2. Consulate General of India, Toronto reserves the Right to Call for Additional Documents, as considered
  • Surrender / Renunciation Certificate (copy)


In case the applicant has acquired Canadian citizenship after 31st May, 2010; please enclose the copy of your Surrender/Renunciation certificate and copy of old Indian passport. 

In case the applicant has acquired Canadian citizenship before 1st June, 2010 and their old Indian passport carries a either "cancelled" stamp" / or “Cancelled on account of acquiring Foreign / Canadian citizenship” stamp, then the applicant may enclose copy of the same with the OCI application.


  • Indian Passport (Original and copy)


Please enclose the photo page (first page) of your Indian Passport having photographs and details. Also, enclose the last page of showing the details of parents name and address. If there are any endorsements on the page, kindly enclose copy of those pages as well.


In case Indian passport is not available, please provide copy of Nativity Certificate / Domicile certificate issued by competent authority in India as your proof of Indian Origin.   The Nativity Certificate / Domicile certificate to be attested by Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi.


  • Foreign Citizenship certificate / Card (Original and copy)


Please enclose Original and a copy of your Canadian / Foreign Citizenship Certificate. If Citizenship certificate is not available, you can enclose copy of your Citizenship card.


  • Canadian passport / Foreign Passport (Original and copy) (duly signed)


Please enclose photo page of your Canadian / Foreign Passport having photographs and details of your passport. Original Passport is required to be submitted with the OCI application. A minimum six months or more validity on your passport is required for applying for OCI.


# In case of foreign passport i.e., other than Canadian please provide the following two additional documents:


  • Status in Canada (PR / Work Permit / Study Permit / Visa)
  • Additional form as per link below



  • Professional Details of the applicant:

Please enclose a letter mentioning your profession / occupation details in Canada.

  • Proof of address in Canada

Please enclose any one of the following document as proof of present address:

  1. Driving License
  2. Photo ID issued by the Ontario Government
  • Utility Bills(Electricity/water/Gas/Phone/Internet etc)-must be recent

# For OCI application of Minor children - Proof of address of both of the parent to be submitted.


Note: Address proof must match with the address provided in the application form.


  1. The fees to be paid in the form of Money order or Demand draft in favor of “Consulate General of India, Toronto” . For fee please refer to https://www.cgitoronto.gov.in/page/consular-fees/ 
  2. The above fees is excluding service fee, courier charges and other value added services provided by BLS. The additional service fee, courier charges, etc., to be paid separately to BLS.
  3. Fee once paid will not be returned in any


  • Photograph

One color photo as per below specification is required to be uploaded online with the OCI application. Photograph uploaded online must be the same as the physical photograph pasted on your OCI application form:

  1. Size – 2 inch x 2 inch(51 mm x 51 mm)
  2. Background –Background should be plain white colored without borders
  • Clothes – Dark colour
  1. Eyes – Open


Please see the below link for the correctness of the Photograph. Cross check each and every example to confirm if it is matching with the required parameter of the Photograph.



Type B: Application for Reissue of OCI


With the recent relaxations in re-issue of OCI cards, now re-issue of OCI Card is applicable only for the following:


  • OCI Card holder, who obtained the OCI card at the age of 20 years or below, is required to get the OCI Card re-issued only once when a new passport is issued after completing 20 years of age;

(ii) In lieu of Loss of OCI Card

  • In lieu of Damage of OCI Card


# Documents at (a), (b), (f), (g), (h), (i) and (j) above and remaining documents as below


  • Existing OCI card (original and copy)


Kindly submit the existing OCI card along with a copy of the first and last page of OCI showing photograph and details of the OCI card.


  • For re-issue of OCI Card in lieu of Damage OCI Card


Please enclose damaged OCI Card in original


  • Police Report for Lost OCI


In case OCI application is submitted for re-issue of OCI in lieu of lost OCI, please enclose Police Report (long) for the Lost OCI.

Interview - There will be a mandatory personal interview of all Lost & Damaged OCI cases.       All such application is required to be first submitted at BLS for pre-approval.


Type C: Application for OCI to Minor Children


Type C (i): Application for OCI to Minor Children - Born in Canada / Foreign country


# Documents at (a), (b), (f), (h), (i) and (j) above and remaining documents as below


  • Birth Certificate (Original and copy)


Please enclose the Birth Certificate issued by the Government authority having name of both the parent of the child.


If Birth Certificate is issued by any other foreign Country than Canada, then the Birth Certificate is required to be attested by the High Commission / Embassy / Consulate of that Country in Canada or by the nearest Indian Mission/Consulate in foreign country where the child was born.  If it is done in Indian Mission/Consulate, then it can be deposited directly with the application.  If the birth certificate is “Apostle” then it may be submitted without further attestation.


  • NOC signed by both parents


Joint self-declaration with photographs and signatures of both parents, mentioning their mobile numbers and email IDs, stating their no objection for their minor child to apply for the OCI card is required to be enclosed with the OCI application of minor children. The format of OCI can be downloaded from the below link :




Besides the above NOC, both the parents are also required to sign the OCI application at the end of the OCI application. The parent’s signature should be similar to their signature in the other documents viz., Indian passports, OCI, Canadian passport.


  • Passport of parents (copy)


  • If parents are Canadian/foreign national – Passport copy of parents are required to be enclosed, with old Indian Passport copies of parents /


  • In case Parents are Indian national–
    1. Passport copy of parents and
    2. Status in Canada (PR / Work Permit / Student Permit / Visa) required to be


Please enclose copy of the first and last page showing photographs and details of the passports.


  • Registered Marriage Certificate


The copy of Registered Marriage Certificate of the parents is required to be enclosed. If, the spouse name is

endorsed in either parent’s Indian Passport, then copy of Registered Marriage Certificate is not mandatory.

Type C (ii): Application for OCI to Minor Children - Born in India


# Documents at (a) to (j), (o), (p) & (q) above


Type D: Application for OCI on Indian origin Spouse basis


  1. Foreign spouse can submit application for OCI on the basis of Indian origin spouse only after two years of valid
  2. There will be a mandatory personal interview of all OCI applicants who apply under Foreign spouse
  3. All such application is required to be first submitted at BLS for pre-approval.


# Documents at (a), (b), (f), (g), (h), (i) and (j) above and remaining documents as below.


  • Marriage certificate


Please enclose a copy of Registered Marriage Certificate which has been attested by High Commission of India or any other Indian Embassy / Consulate. The Marriage Certificate must indicate the date of marriage. There should be two years gap between the date of marriage and date of OCI application.


  • Indian passport of the Spouse (copy)


Please enclose a copy of the Indian Passport of the spouse. If the spouse is an OCI cardholder, you can enclose a copy of OCI card.


  • Spouse’s status in Canada (copy)


If the spouse is Indian/Foreign (non-Canadian) Passport holder, copy of his/her status in Canada to be enclosed viz., Visa, Work Permit, PR, Study Permit.




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