About Us FAQs

Is there just one application form for all Passport services?

Yes. It is available at : https://passport.gov.in/nri/.

Can addition like change of address, addition/deletion of spouse name can be done at the time of re-issue?

Yes. This is, however, subject to requirements are met for such services.

Where I would get Personal Particulars form/affidavit specimen

It is available under FORMS on home page.

Which Passport services are covered under Tatkal scheme?

Re-issue of Passport on expiry or up to three year before expiry (having a valid Visa) in genuine emergency cases (medical/death cases etc) subject to record of the current Passport on our database. Discretion rests with the Consulate.

Which Passport services are not covered under Tatkal scheme?

Re-Issue - Expired Passport for more than one year (without valid Visa), Lost Passport, Emergency Certificate and where records of the Passport is incomplete in our database. Discretion rests with the Consulate.

Is it true that Passport would not be issued if there is a major difference in the name on the Passport and the name on Visa/PR/Study Permit.

Yes. If this is the case then the applicant would be asked to rectify/clarify the anomaly. Any further service would be extended only after the rectification/clarification.

Can Indian nationals who had been issued Passports with 20 (twenty) years validity also apply for a new Passport?

Yes. It is in the interest of the applicant to get a new 10 year Passport as the Government of India has dispensed with the issue of 20 years Passport as per the extant rules.

Which documents are accepted as additional proof (if required)?

Any one or more of the following documents can be produced: (a) Copy of Indian Passport (b) Damaged Passport in original (c) Photo Identity Cards issued in India such as Driving License, Election ID Card, Ration Card or PAN Card (d) Letter from employer certifying applicant's identity (e) For students, a Certificate issued by the concerned educational/training institution; and (f) For short term visitors/tourists to the Canada documents such as air tickets, boarding passes, itinerary and copy of Visa.

Do photocopies of original documents need to be attested?

Yes. All original documents must be accompanied by self-attested photocopies. These documents should be presented for scrutiny at the time of submission of application.

Can I send my Passport application through a travel agent?

No. Consulate has not authorized any agent. Application is to be submitted at the BLS Passport Service Counter or the Consulate by the applicant personally or through a close family member bearing an authorization letter from the applicant. Travel Agents/Agents/Solicitors are not permitted to submit applications on behalf of applicants. Please report to the Consulate if anyone claims to provide such services.

I cannot come to collect my Passport personally. What should I do?

A close family member bearing an authorization letter and original identity paper/document to establish his/her identity can collect the Passport on behalf of the applicant. 

Alternatively, Passport can be sent back to the applicant By Post after rendering necessary services if the applicant provides a pre-paid (Recorded Delivery/Registered Post) self-addressed envelope at the time of submission of application.