About Us Requirements of Birth Certificate Attestation

Mandatory requirement of Attestation/Apostle in respect of a child born in a foreign country (other than India and Canada):

(i) The parents/applicant has to get the Birth certificate Attested from the nearest Indian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate in the Foreign Country where the child was born.


(ii) The Birth certificate needs to be attested by the Embassy/High Commission/Consulate (in Canada) of the country where the child was born. It is required to be further attested by the Service Ontario or Ministry of Province and thereafter by the Consulate General of India in Toronto.


(iii) Birth Certificate to be “Apostle”, then it may be submitted without further attestation.

Please note that :

(a) If the Birth Certificate is “Apostle” in a foreign country, then it may be submitted without further attestation by Service Ontario or Consulate General of India, Toronto.

(b) Birth Certificate issued by Canadian or Indian authorities may be submitted without any attestation.

(c) For children born in USA, where US Consulate in Canada doesn’t attest the birth certificate, the Birth Certificate has to be compulsorily Apostle by the US authorities or provide attestation as mentioned above in (i) and (ii).


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