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Police Clearance certificate is not a Passport service. Issue of PCC is a distinct miscellaneous service rendered on behalf of Police authorities in India and does not form an integral part of the Passport service.  Please note that competent authorities in India have decided that henceforth PCC will only be issued after receipt of fresh police verification on the PCC application. This will apply to all categories of applicants.   All PCC applications should be accepted only with a valid Passport and not with passport reissue applications. PCC may be applied after reissue of passport if it is due for renewal.

Applicant must note that if while applying for PCC, he/she is providing details in PCC application which are different than details available in his/her passport (such as name, place of birth, any discrepancy in parents’ name),  the applicant should instead of applying for PCC, should first apply for reissue of passport with changed/current particulars. After the reissue of passport with changed particulars, the PCC application must be submitted at the BLS.

For fee please refer to https://www.cgitoronto.gov.in/page/consular-fees/ 

Processing Time

PCC can be issued only after receipt of a ‘Clear’ report from Police authorities in India which is to be made available in the system by the concerned Passport office. This process may take 8 weeks. Please note that there is no guarantee that PCC will be issued within the indicated time frame, as it is purely related to receipt of a ‘Clear’ report from authorities. After Police Verification, the report is sent by Police authorities for uploading purpose to the Regional Passport Office (RPO) concerned [applicant get to know at this stage that his police verification has been done], however, its transmission to RPO and its uploading by RPO in the system takes about 2 weeks. And once it is uploaded in the system, PCC is issued by the Consulate and dispatched through BLS. Those PCCs for which courier charges are paid are dispatched by BLS. In other cases, the PCC is keep at BLS office for collection by the applicant.

In view of this, applicants are requested to assess their requirements for obtaining PCC for India well in advance and submit their applications accordingly at the BLS. The PCC is valid for a period of 6 months and can be applied before if there is any expectation of its requirement for PR or renewal of work permit/study permit, etc. 

Emergency PCC:  Please note that there is no emergency PCC.  Hence, Consulate has discontinued acceptance of PCC applications at the Consulate. All PCC applications have to be submitted at the BLS, the outsourced agency.

Where to submit PCC applications:  All types of PCC applications are to be submitted at the BLS, whether by Indian nationals, Canadians or other foreigners of Indian origin or other foreigners who have stayed in India in the Past for education, training, family reason, etc. and need Police clearance for the period of their stay.  

Please note that Postal applications take longer to process at BLS.  Therefore, for faster processing, it is better to submit PCC application at BLS as walk-ins are allowed and walk-in applications are reaching Consulate, the next working day for processing.



-If indian address mentioned on the application is different from address mentioned on Indian passport,Indian address proof is required.
-For foreign pcc, Personal Particulars Form is required.


BLS Email/website: qc.ca@blsinternational.net  / Website - https://www.blsindia-canada.com/


 For PCC enqueries / notes

  • Consulate is doing its best to issue PCCs in time. The application is put to process as soon as possible after its receipt from the BLS. It is important that applicant submit PCC application in person at the BLS in person so that it get processed quickly, as compared to postal applications. There is also delay in postal application on account of lack of documents or any other deficiency.   
  • After Police Verification, the report is sent by Police authorities for uploading purpose to the Regional Passport Office concerned, which takes about 2 weeks.
  • Since tracking application mechanism is available to track status of your application online and that the issuance process takes about 8 weeks, applicants are requested to exercise restraint for making status enquires as Consulate is inundated with such queries. However, if you still have query, please raise a query on Sampark module.




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