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PIO cards to OCI

Consulate General o India


Press Release

Government of India has a scheme of conversion of PIO cards  to OCI Cards for which the deadline has been 31 December 2017. The PIO cards were issued to the persons of Indian origin (PIO). This has been widely circulated earlier as well through the website of the Consulate as well as through press release and through the community associations in Toronto.

The service for conversion of PIO to OCI is gratis as of now till 31 December 2017. The Government of India has decided not to extend this deadline any further.   The conversion of PIO to OCI after 31 December 2017 will be done against payment of a fee, as prescribed by GOI.

It is also to inform that as per the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s guidelines, handwritten PIO cards will not be valid after November 2018 and the holders will be denied entry at the Indian Immigration and sent back. 

All PIO cardholders who have not converted their PIO cards to OCI may kindly do so at the earliest. 

22 November 2017