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The following forms may also be obtained in person from the Consulate-General Of India, Toronto. 
For Passport related Forms / Self Declaration: Click here
Type of Service MS Word Format PDF Format
Personal Particular Forum   PDF
'No Objection certificate' for Minor's passport   Annexure C   or    Annexure D
'Application for 'Miscellaneous Services'   PDF
Application for 'Surrender Certificate' Word PDF
Application for 'Life Certificate' Word PDF
Application for 'Police Clearance Certificate' Word PDF 
Annexure E Word PDF
Additional form for non-Canadian nationals (with Visa application) Word PDF
Business Information Sheet Word PDF
Affidavit to be executed by Canadians of Pakistani origin Word PDF
Additional Sheet for Sri Lankan Nationals and Canadians of Sri Lankan origin (with visa application)   PDF
Registration for Indian National Word PDF
Documentary Film Making   PDF

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