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Tender for empanelment of agencies for Social Media Management in respect of the Consulate General of India, Toronto.

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Consulate General of India

Suite No. 700, 365 Bloor Street East,

Toronto, ON, M4W3L4

Website: www.cgitoronto.gov.in

Email: hoc.toronto@mea.gov.in



TENDER NO. TOR/Cul/302/01/2021



Subject: Tender for empanelment of agencies for Social Media Management in respect of the Consulate General of India, Toronto.


The Consulate General of India, Toronto invites ‘Expression of Interest and Bids’ from  interested companies/entities in the field of social media management and so registered concerned authorities with sound financial background and experience in undertaking social media activities. They may send their ‘Expression of Interest and Bids’ to Mr. Praveen Kumar Munjal, Consul & Head of Chancery by Postal mail by 17:00 hrs, 25/02/2022. Kindly note that only physical copies of the technical and financial bids will be accepted.

  1. Scope of work:
  • Coverage of events (both in and out of Toronto) as and when required by the Consulate including shooting of short videos and editing of long videos in short videos covering essential features of the event.


  • To produce quality content and creatives, including flyers, gifs, banners, graphics, videos, PowerPoint presentations, animations for use of the Consulate on its social media platforms and otherwise, on demand.


  • Implementation of any new social media initiatives/modules etc. as and when required by the Consulate.


  • Ability to convert all kinds of content (video/audio/files) from one format to another for given assignments as and when required by the Ministry.


  • Digital Newsletter creation


  • Event based social media promotion


III.    Eligibility Criteria

The Company/Firm/agency/entities submitting quotations should possess experience of at least 3 years in social media management activities/ graphic designing and so registered with concerned local authorities. Entities are required to submit proof of their registration with the relevant Trade/Commercial Offices as required under the local regulations for tax and other purposes.


  1. The Submission of Bids:

        Prospective bidders are requested to submit their bids in two parts i.e.  (i) Technical Bid and (ii) Financial Bid. The last date for submission of duly completed bids is 25th February 2022 till 17:00 hrs and should only be sent by postal mail addressed to Mr. Praveen Kumar Munjal, Consul and Head of Chancery, Consulate General of India Suite No. 700, 365 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON, M4W3L4. Both the technical bid and financial bid should be clearly marked so and should be inserted in two different envelopes and sealed. Then both the envelopes should be inserted in one larger envelope and marked on the top as “tender for social media management” to enable us to segregate the bids safely from other regular postal mails.


  1. Technical Bid: The following documents should be attached with technical bid (Annexure-I)
    1. Registration certificate/other related document, HST/GST/VAT Certificate, wherever applicable.
    2. The firm/agency should be registered and should have existence of at least 3 years. Reference from previous experience is desirable.
    3. A certificate to be submitted from the firm that the firm has not been debarred for award of contract during past 3
    4. Certified copy of tax returns for last 3 years (2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20).
    5. Name, address, contact no., designation/capacity of the authorized person assigned on behalf of the firm/agency to represent and
    6. Details of social media activities undertaken for its clients.


  1. Financial Offer: The financial bid (Annexure-II) should be sent in a separate sealed envelope. Bids received in any other format will not be considered and are liable to be rejected. The date and time of opening of both the bids will be conveyed by email to enable representatives to be present during bid opening process. Financial bids will be opened only in respect of those service providers who will be found eligible in technical bid evaluation process. All the prospective service providers should invariably share the contact details of the person on the larger envelope to enable us to contact the bidders regarding the bid opening process.


  1. Late Applications:

        Any bid received after the last date and time specified for submission, shall not be accepted under any circumstances. Bids received after the last date and time shall be summarily rejected and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained.


  1. Clarification and Amendment:

        In case any prospective bidder requires any clarification with regard to the terms and conditions, a written clarification may be sought by email addressed to hoc.toronto@mea.gov.in or admin.toronto@mea.gov.in .  At any time prior to the deadline for submission of bids, the consulate may, for any reasons, whether on its own initiative or suitability of its own requirement or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective bidder, modify the terms and conditions by making necessary amendment(s). The amendment(s) will be notified on CPP Portal and Post’s website and will be binding on prospective bidders. The deadline for submission of bids may also be extended at the sole discretion of the Consulate.


  • Undertaking:


        The bid must be signed by the authorized person and seal affixed on every page of this the bid and thereafter complete signed document must be submitted. An undertaking should be submitted along with the bid indicating  “I/We accept the above terms and conditions. I/We undertake that I/we have carefully studied all the terms and conditions and understand the parameters of the proposed work of the Consulate General of India and shall abide by them. I/we further undertake that the information given are true and correct in all respect and I/we hold the responsibility for the same.”



  • Purpose of Empanelment:


       Consulate invites sealed applications from eligible agencies / firms for empanelment as agencies for Social Media Management at the consulate for enabling its social media activities and initiatives for a period of two years, subject to satisfactory performance of agencies



  1. Evaluation Criteria:


        A duly constituted Tender Evaluation Committee will evaluate all the bids received in accordance with the stipulated terms and conditions. List of all the agencies fulfilling the technical requirements will be prepared. The Committee may seek clarification/additional information from the firm/agency in case it is so required to evaluate the bids and help in decision-making for the purpose of selection of successful service provider. Incomplete and conditional bids will not be accepted and summarily rejected. Financial bids of only those bidders will be opened who will qualify the technical scrutiny. Representatives of bidding entities will be allowed to remain present during bid opening process.



  1. Validity of Bids:



       The bids shall have a minimum validity of four months/120 days from the date of

opening of bids. Accordingly, a certificate regarding bid validity may be attached with technical bid proforma. A bid for a shorter period of validity shall be rejected.


Submission Timeline:


Tender No. Toronto/Cul/302/01/2021

Dated: 31st January 2022

Date of Issue

1st February 2022

Last date of submission of queries

21st February 2022

Last Date to submit bids [Technical bid & Financial bid in separate envelops]

25th February 2022

Opening of technical bids (Representatives of the entities may be present during the opening of the bid)

4th March 2022, 11:00 hrs





Technical Bid Proforma


Name of the companies/entities

and address


Website address


Phone Numbers


Fax Numbers




Contact Person:




Contact No


Fax No.




Annual Turnover:

(Please enclose certified copies of Income Tax Returns/Audited Accounts in support of your claim)



Financial Year

Turnover (In Rupees)










Registration Particulars

(Please provide details of registration wherever available/applicable, if any, with self-attested copy of original registration)

Tax Registration No.



HST/GST Registration No.



Registration with Central/State

Government agencies














Financial Bid Proforma



Description of Work

Annual Cost

(in Rupees/Canadian Dollar/US $)


Creation/design of Flyer



Design of digital newsletter of the Consulate General of India



Proposing annual and monthly calendar of events an, executing campaigns on social media to build the organic followers. This includes necessary drafting of content and designing  the artwork related to campaign and uploading on all the 4 platforms ( twitter, Facebook, instagram, YouTube)



Press release ( 3 to 4 monthly) /Online quiz creation and management



Effective paid promotions on social media platforms. This includes page promotion too.



Designing banners, standees, backdrops and all printable promotional collaterals for necessary events.



Promotion of events of Consulate on social media platforms



Real time tracking of developments on social media platforms



Suggestion if asked by consulate to manage a post ( twitter/ Facebook/ instagram/ YouTube)



Monthly submission of in-depth report of performance of social media handles (analytics ) by 5th of next Month)



Monthly submission of  month's social media plan by 25th of preceding month.



Live Streaming management of Consulate's prominent events on social media platforms ( in case of virtual events)



Necessary consultation for  console and technical systems management in case of off line events. ( Independence day reception, National Level Conferences, Exhibitions promoting Brand India)



[Note: No other cost/ amount would be paid over and above the aforesaid proposed rates.]



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